Friday, 27 April 2012

hi everyone..
i thought i would load up some pics that i have been taking over the last year..and also a bit of a story of my past year away from blogging :)

well ive moved house, me and matt now live by ourselves in a nice little house, we have  been there about 6 months, we also have a few pets.. 6 fish and a bearded dragon! ( will post some pics)
ive been working early shifts so i get a train about 5 in the morning and get home about 4ish.. so i dont do alot when i get home just a bit of relaxing,feed the animals and a bit of a nap and some scrapping!
we have been traveling a little, just from matts mums too his dads.. and also to see my grandparents about 3 hours away! had a bit of a sad start to the year.. my great uncle on dads side of the family passed away from lekeumia (sorry i cant spell it ) in november and then my great aunt on my mums side past away from thoart cancer in janurary so that was a big thing for both sides of my family to go through.. and i was there at the hospital to say the last goodbyes on behalf of my parents as they live 12 hours away from where they were both in hospital here in brissy, they were just down the corridor from each so that was a bit of shock for me when i had to go to visit my aunt and my uncle had only been there two months before in the same ward.. so that was a bit of a tough time for us.. my dad was really close with his uncle, they did lots together... mum was really close with her aunt too as she saw her alot when mum went to visit nana (mums mum) as my great aunt was at nanas alot.. was really hard for nana.. she was her little baby sister :'(...
though i did have some good times too.. i got to see alot of my family all together(even if it was for a sad moment), got to move into a new house, meet some awsome scrappy people at the scrapbook expo. im looking foreward to going to the expo again this year and catching up with the scrapboxx girls again

anyway thanks for looking and here are some pics :)

my new scraproom, its slowly comming together i love it!

ive even learnt to crochet aswell!

these are my great aunts brothers and sisters(and my nana) who i caught up with during janurary

one of our snails :)

mmm easter eggs :)

happy birthday too my matty

my bearded dragon, love him is sooo cute

some of our fish :)

my OTP for my dads boss

we even said goodbye to my old car last weekend.. which i had for 3 years..

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