Saturday, 21 May 2011

my LO for the weekend

well hello i no its been a while since i posted on here but i finally have something to show everyone..i hope u guys like it.. this is the first time ive done a LO without photos that i actually thought up myself !

it just all came out of no where lol and i like it !!!

the reason i havent done much blogging is that ive been working really hard on my best friends wedding invites so im hoping to have them all complete over this weekend too!! ive got 2moro aswell due to physio appointment so hopfully once ive been there it will be back to my desk to finish the invites off.. so once they are done i will showing everyone on here !!
hope u all had a great weekend !!

Monday, 2 May 2011

some of my LOs and OTPs :)

here are a few of my favourite LOs and OTPs that i have done since i started scrapping in 2006 :)
 i did this LO for a cyber crop over at the TSO the scrapbook outlet website.

i made these two card for my aunty and uncle and grandparents for xmas in 2009

this is a LO of my grandpop (my dads dad) when he was younger and working on a cattle property

here are some more of my flowers that ive made :)

a cute LO of my handesome cousin

a LO of my goals for 2010

a LO of me and mel kennedy on the cruise :)

im doing my whole desk storage in the peachy keen collection and this is my little box for all the tags i got from the girls on the cruise :)

a LO of my bf after i shaved his hair

i just love the class of 87 collection from kaisercraft i did this little album for my little cousin who thinks his ready for school :P.. so i made a abc book for him and im yet to put the pics in it for him before i give it to him for his 3rd birthday :)

 another LO of my cousin this one being on his first birthday
 a LO of my mums boss's new little bubba ( who is now turning 2 lol)

 and yet another LO of my little cousin of his first haircut hehe so cute
 a LO of me and my cousins on xmas day in 2009
 a LO of the little cousin again of him eatin a ice cream for the first time
and that is all my favourite LOs and OTPs so far that i would like u all to see :)
thanks for looking

scrapbooking cruise!!

back in november 2009 i went on a scrapbook cruise!! yes a scrapbook cruise! it was amazing! i want to go again and again but i need lots of money :P
but anyway i thought i would load up a few photos from the 10 days i was at sea.. and guess who was along for the ride and to teach us some awsome classes??? .... MELISSA KENNEDY from KAISERCRAFT!!! i was over the moon!! as kaiser is my all time fav scrapbook brand..
anyway less chatter more photos!!

these are the classes we did on the cruise! they were so fun!

this is the man who took mine and 2 other ladies bags away to the ship! we  chased him to get this photo :P
 not a great photo of the 3 of us, but this me norma and sandy ( sandy is from the scrapboxx site also)

this is me going into the entrance of the ship!! i was excited!
 this is just one amazing site of the ships interior, this is the bottom floor of the theatre it was huge!
 this is me ready for a formal night :)
 me and a few of the scrappy girls!
 the ship docked at sydney

me and mel kennedy!!
i was excited to be just leaving queensland as id never left the state before! and then i got to the ship and i was like oh wow!! and got all excited and then wen we walked into the craft room that the ship crew set up for us, and then i realised mel was there and i was like OMG OMG haha and then i was just over the moon about it all lol
so that was part of my cruise , thats not all the pics got heaps more but this post would be extremely long haha.
hope u enjoyed the pics