Monday, 2 May 2011

scrapbooking cruise!!

back in november 2009 i went on a scrapbook cruise!! yes a scrapbook cruise! it was amazing! i want to go again and again but i need lots of money :P
but anyway i thought i would load up a few photos from the 10 days i was at sea.. and guess who was along for the ride and to teach us some awsome classes??? .... MELISSA KENNEDY from KAISERCRAFT!!! i was over the moon!! as kaiser is my all time fav scrapbook brand..
anyway less chatter more photos!!

these are the classes we did on the cruise! they were so fun!

this is the man who took mine and 2 other ladies bags away to the ship! we  chased him to get this photo :P
 not a great photo of the 3 of us, but this me norma and sandy ( sandy is from the scrapboxx site also)

this is me going into the entrance of the ship!! i was excited!
 this is just one amazing site of the ships interior, this is the bottom floor of the theatre it was huge!
 this is me ready for a formal night :)
 me and a few of the scrappy girls!
 the ship docked at sydney

me and mel kennedy!!
i was excited to be just leaving queensland as id never left the state before! and then i got to the ship and i was like oh wow!! and got all excited and then wen we walked into the craft room that the ship crew set up for us, and then i realised mel was there and i was like OMG OMG haha and then i was just over the moon about it all lol
so that was part of my cruise , thats not all the pics got heaps more but this post would be extremely long haha.
hope u enjoyed the pics

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  1. Wow looks like such a fantastic time, how exciting and what a wonderful memory. Nothing like travelling
    Mary x